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Journal of Mammalogy (May 1, 1980) 61(2).


Copyright 1980, American Society of Mammalogists. Used by permission.


Currently, three species of bats of the genus Eptesicus (fuscus, guadeloupensis, and lynni) are recognized as occurring on islands in the Antilles. Of these, E. fuscus and E. guadeloupensis are believed to belong to the fuscus-group of the genus (Davis, 1966; Genoways and Baker, 1975). However, the status and relationships of E. lynni are unclear. Shamel (1945) described lynni as a member of the brasiliensis-group. On the other hand, Sanbom (1941) considered three earlier specimens of lynni as members of the subspecies E. fuscus hispaniolae (we have examined the Sanbom specimens and they are referable to lynni). Baker and Genoways (1978) stated that with available data it could not be determined whether lynni evolved from a fuscus or brasiliensis progenitor. The current study was designed to determine the genic similarities of E. lynni to E. fuscus of the fuscus-group and E. brasiliensis and E. diminutus of the brasiliensis group in an attempt to understand better the origin of this endemic Antillean species.