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Going viral

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Science education is developing new and innovative means of communication that compete directly with global media to reach the ‘YouTube Generation’. The truly interdisciplinary team of the SEPA-funded World of Viruses project is discovering how best to spread the word.

Judy Diamond, Professor, University of Nebraska State Museum
Charles Wood, Director, Nebraska Center for Virology
Moira Rankin, President, Soundprint Media Center, Inc
Carl Zimmer, Science writer and author of WoV book of essays, A Planet of Viruses
David Uttal, Cognitive science professor, Northwestern University
Benjamin Jee, Cognitive scientist, College of Holy Cross
Tom Floyd, Comic illustrator, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
Ian Cottingham, Computer scientist, Red Brain, Inc.
Anisa Angeletti, Virologist, Nebraska Center for Virology
Peter Angeletti, Virology professor, Nebraska Center for Virology
Amy Spiegel, Evaluator, University of Nebraska Center for Educational Innovation Ann Downer-Hazell, Science writer
Adam Wagler, Multimedia designer, University of Nebraska School of Journalism and Mass Communications