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Med. Parazitol. i Parazitar Bolezni Supplement (1957) 26(1): 56.

NAMRU-3 Translation 1 (T1).

Translation from Russian to English.

Department of Medical Zoology, United States Naval Medical Research Unit no. 3, Cairo, Egypt, care of American Embassy.


US government work


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On 18 May 1954, (a specimen of) Burhinus oedicnemus (L.) was killed in the Lenkoransky region of Azerbaijan S.S.R.; on its head a male Amblyomma lepidum Dönitz, 1909, was found. Morphological characters of this tick, size and shape of body, characteristic light and dark ornamentation of dorsal shield, punctation, shape, and two colors of festoons, size and shape of cervical and lateral grooves, hypostome, peritreme, projection on coxae, and spherical orbited eyes correspond to those in the description of A. lepidum, given in Robinson monograph. Only on four anterior festoons a small light spot is found (in description by Robinson festoons are all one color, dark). This may be an individual variation.