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Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association (1968) 63: 70-94.

Based on a talk given by Harry Hoogstraal.

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Scientific conference, NAMRU-3 20th anniversary, 27-28 June 1968.

Egyptian Public Health Association and United States Naval Medical Research Unit no. 3.


United States government work.


The NAMRU-3 Medical Zoology program began during Easter week of 1950. We had just closed the NAMRU-3 field station at Torit, in Equatoria Province of soulheastern Sudan, and were heading homeward to the United States. However, the offer to remain in Egypt for a year or two to develop a Medical Zoology department at NAMRU-3 provided an interesting challenge after working for several years in tropical forests and grasslands of Africa and other continents. We shall briefly describe subsequent events under four headings: (1) Medical Zoology in Egypt, (2) Ticks and Tickborne Diseases of the World, (3) Kala Azar in the Sudan, and (4) Miscellaneous Activities.