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College Park, Maryland, USA: Department of Zoology, University of Maryland, 1963.

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Over the past several years, a large number of references from the USSR, Eastern Europe, and Cairo have been collected dealing with arthropods of medical importance. These references were coded on key-sort cards which made it possible to index as many as fifteen subject areas on one card. The usefulness of this indexing system was evident by a number of medical entomologists who used ___ searching for references as their specialty. In response to requests from workers in the United States and other countries who did not have ready access to the index, it was decided to publish these references. The publication was made possible by the generous support of the United States Army Medical Research Development Command Department of the Army.

Owing to the large number of references present on hand, the plan is to issue this catalogue __ its series of publications of which this is the second. The first volume in the series deals exclusively with Diptera, while this issue is concerned exclusively with ticks. Succeeding issues will deal with references on ___ ___ ___ and other groups. Upon completion of these groups, later issues will be published containing references of various arthropod-borne diseases arranged according to the causative agents.

No claim is made to completeness in this volume or in the succeeding volumes although an attempt has been made to ___ as many references as possible. Notice of errors or omissions will be received gratefully.

This work has been prepared in the Department of Zoology with cooperation and interest of the following individuals to whom special acknowledgment is due: Vivian N. Andrews, Alice Mae Brown, Alena Elb___, Beatrice Y. Foote, Margaret B. Mace, Anita M. Schindler, Dorothy B. Segal, John C. Sewell, Dianne Councilman, Marty Meuschke, and Robert Richard Thacker.

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