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Published in Weber, Samantha, and David Harmon, eds. 2008. Rethinking Protected Areas in a Changing World: Proceedings of the 2007 GWS Biennial Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. Hancock, Michigan: The George Wright Society.


The DEVELOP program is a student run and led internship program that creates pilot demonstration projects, with supervision from NASA scientists, under the Earth Science Division at NASA Ames Research Center. During an intensive 10-week program DEVELOP students use NASA facilities, techniques, computers, and technology for research primarily directed toward environmental issues, community development, management, and/or local policy.

The objective of this paper is to illustrate to resource managers how NASA Earth science data and imagery can be used as decision support tools for forest management. The use of NASA Earth science data and technology in environmental management applications is demonstrated by three projects completed by students in the NASA Ames DEVELOP program over the last three years. Each of the three following projects incorporated NASA Earth science data and technology, computer analysis, and field work. The U.S. Forest Service or the National Park Service were collaborators for these studies.