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Published in Honors in Practice, volume 1. Copyright 2005 National Collegiate Honors Council.


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Dedication to Grey Austin

Editor’s Introduction: Ada Long

Keeping Honors Information Current by Joan Digby and Tracey Christy

Tenure and Promotion in Honors by Rosalie Otero

We Know They’re Smart, but Have They Learned Anything?: Strategies for Assessing Learning in Honors by Steffen Pope Wilson and Rose M. Perrine

Funding Needs Through Student Government Resources by Geoffrey Orth

On the Benefits of Teaching Honors by Alexander Werth

Contracting in Honors by Kambra Bolch

Reviving an Honors Program with Specialized Sequence Tracks by Sharon Carrish

Honors Courses: More Difficult or Different? by Jim Lacey

Transferring a Course Developed for Honors Students to Non-Major Biology Students: Lessons Learned by Mark A. McGinley