National Collegiate Honors Council


Date of this Version

Fall 2002


Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council 3:2, Fall/Winter 2002. Copyright © 2002 by the National Collegiate Honors Council.


While the honors program at Clemson University has not developed its own technology plan, the university’s efforts have opened interesting opportunities. Most of our interdisciplinary honors seminars are taught in a smart classroom, with a computer that projects onto a screen, so Internet resources can easily be accessed. I’ve taught honors seminars there, such as one on “2001: The History of the Future,” and use the computer projection to show web pages to the class. I am particularly fond of the Oxford English Dictionary on line, to which Clemson subscribes; looking up the definition of a word that has become important in a class discussion can be very illuminating. I’m looking forward, as soon as my teaching schedule allows, to teaching an interdisciplinary seminar on the impact of computers on society, which would be a laptop-enhanced course, requiring students to bring laptops to class and log into the network.