National Collegiate Honors Council


Date of this Version

Fall 2004


Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council 5:2, Fall/Winter 2004. Copyright © 2004 by the National Collegiate Honors Council.


This essay is concerned with women and their educational experience in an Honors Program, and with their educational choices. It deals briefly with the history of women in higher education in the Western world and in the light of this history compares WWU Honors women with historical trends, with men and women students in the institution, and with students nationally in terms of major choices and career aspirations. It is not an attempt to view Honors women’s education comprehensively nor to look at WWU women along side Honors women more generally. In fact, it is not possible to do so, as figures on major choices among women in Honors Programs nationally are not available. It does try to answer some specific questions—What majors do Honors women at Western Washington University chose, and why? Do women regard their general education in ways different from men? More generally, are there uniquely feminine issues as regards their educational choices?