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Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council Vol. 12, No.2 (Fall/Winter 2011). ISSN 1559-0151


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The lead essay of this issue of JNCHC examines the origins of the National Collegiate Honors Council and its publications. In “The Wisdom of Our Elders: Honors Discussions in The Superior Student, 1958–65,” Larry Andrews of Kent State University describes the first eight years of the honors movement in a way that is informative, surprising, thorough, useful, and humbling. The pioneers among the Inter-University Committee on the Superior Student (ICSS) anticipated virtually every major focus and issue of its descendant organization, the NCHC, in initiating and promoting honors programs throughout the United States. Andrews has produced a concise and insightful analysis of that early organization through a detailed study of its newsletter, called The Superior Student.

Included in Andrews’s study is the changing focus and structure of the newsletter, prompting the editors of Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council and Honors in Practice to take a brief look back at the history of the two current NCHC publications in hopes that these journals will have the good fortune to find a Larry Andrews fifty years from now. JNCHC is a semi-annual publication that in the year 2000 replaced the Forum for Honors (1970–96) after a four-year hiatus during which the NCHC had no scholarly publication. Unlike the Forum for Honors, each issue of JNCHC initially focused on a single theme, inviting essays only on that theme. Topics addressed in the first twelve issues were: Liberal Learning in the New Century; Science in Honors; Educational Transitions; On Honors Education; Honors and the Creative Arts; Liberal Learning; Technology in Honors; Students and Teachers in Honors; Multiperspectivism in Honors Education; Research in Honors; and The Psychology and Sociology of Honors.