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Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Fall/Winter 2012, Volume 13, Number 2


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The Tutorial Education Program is an honors program for Brazilian undergraduates, sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Based on philosophical principles of tutorial education in which small groups of academic talented students are guided by a tutor, the program is designed to support groups of undergraduates who demonstrate outstanding performance in their academic activities. The Tutorial Education Program provides enrichment activities in order to broaden the academic development of students with exceptional potential and abilities. Our purpose in this paper is to describe this honors program for undergraduates from different states in Brazil, focusing on the underlying philosophy of the program, its purposes, the main criteria for the selection of the students, how the program is organized and evaluated, the number of participating students, and universities that provide this program. As an illustration, the paper will also provide a brief presentation of how this program is conducted in the Institute of Psychology of the University at Brasilia, Brazil.