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Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Spring/Summer 2013, Volume 14, Number 1


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Recently selected as an NCHC Fellow, Hallie Savage has been a major player in honors for the past sixteen years. Having earned her PhD from Kent State University, she joined the faculty of Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 1992 and is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders as well as, since 1997, Director of the Honors Program. During her years at Clarion, she has produced many pages’ worth of publications and presentations in honors as well as in her academic discipline while also receiving numerous awards for her teaching and service. Her service to the National Collegiate Honors Council began shortly after she became honors director. She was for six years Co-Chair of the Publications Board and ran the Newsletter Contest for four of those years. Subsequently, she was elected to the sequence of offices that included the presidency of NCHC in 2008, and during the past decade she has been a member of the JNCHC Editorial Board, co-chaired the Assessment & Evaluation Committee, served on the Strategic Planning Committee, co-instructed two NCHC Institutes on Honors Assessment and Evaluation, and served as reviewer or consultant for sixteen honors programs. Hallie has done all this while meanwhile, back at Clarion, she has been, among many other responsibilities, Chair of the Faculty Senate and Secretary of the Clarion Borough Planning Commission. The NCHC has benefited immeasurably from her dedication, focus, collegiality, and laughter— not to mention the opportunity to admire her wardrobe. We gratefully dedicate this issue of JNCHC to Hallie Ellis Savage.