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Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Spring/Summer 2015, Volume 16, Number 1.


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In “The Humanities Are Dead! Long Live the Humanities!” Larry Andrews argues that the humanities are essential to the core purpose and nature of honors education in promoting the foundations of academic curiosity and intellectual rigor. When he discusses the breadth and depth of contributions that humanities faculty have made to NCHC as an organization and to honors education in general, he states:

English professors are notorious for dipping into other fields and thinking that their ken stretches over the whole intellectual domain. Expressed in a more kindly fashion, they (we, I) suffer from an endless appetite for exploration. They are less condemned to specialization than many of their colleagues in other fields. Delighting in the fact that they always have more books to read and more ideas to engage, they also seek to reach out to the social sciences, sciences, and even professional studies. . . . Where better to do this than in an honors program?