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Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Fall/Winter 2015, Volume 16, Number 2.


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The mid-1960s were a time of historic social and cultural change, creating a perfect climate for a small university with a handful of students and some revolutionary ideas to take shape. During that dynamic era, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2014, NSU celebrated fifty years of growth, innovation, and inclusive educational opportunities; today it is the largest, not-for-profit, private university in the state with approximately 26,000 students. Just twelve years ago, the university’s undergraduate honors program was initiated, and this past summer we elevated our commitment from a high-impact honors program housed within a traditional college of arts and sciences to a multidisciplinary honors college. The new honors college is one instance of an institution that, true to its dynamic origins, is constantly changing to suit the times. As the university’s sixth president, I serve to usher in a new era and a renewed vision of core values for this young and aspiring institution.