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Date of this Version

Fall 2007


Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council 8:2, Fall/Winter 2007. Copyright © 2007 by the National Collegiate Honors Council.


The International Business Honors BBA Program at Florida International University is a four-year experiment in a degree program that partners a traditional College of Business Administration and an independent Honors College. To date, despite low enrollment and accompanying pressures to increase it, the program continues to provide a unique, challenging, and beneficial student leaning experience of great value to the CBA, the Honors College, and the university.
A combination of student and faculty entrepreneurial spirit, a strategic vision supporting the concept, and trust across institutional boundaries provided the nurturing environment for this program’s success. Where it has not succeeded, specifically in an acceptable level of enrollment, that same environment has provided for another innovate project, the Business Honors Community. That project, should it have its intended impact, will not only solve IBH enrollment challenges but also provide a greater degree of student retention and excitement.