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Spring 2017


Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Forum on National Scholarships and Honors Vol. 18, No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2017).


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Call for Papers . v

Editorial Policy, Deadlines, and Submission Guidelines . vi

Dedication to Peter C. Sederberg. . vii

Editor’s Introduction ix by Ada Long

Forum on National Scholarships And Honors

First, Do No Harm 3 by Lia Rushton

The Strange Game of Prestige Scholarships . 11 by John A. Knox

Open Letter to Lia Rushton . 19 by Linda Frost

Of Groomers and Tour Guides: The Role of Writing in the Fellowships Office . 23 by Leslie Bickford

Becoming Legible: Helping Students Navigate Promotional Genres of Self-Narration 29 by Anton Vander Zee

Lessons from Honors: National Scholarships, High-Impact Practices, and

Student Success . 39 by Craig T. Cobane and Audra Jennings

Portz-Prize-Winning Essay, 2016

Slaves, Coloni, and Status Confusion in the Late Roman Empire . 47 by Hannah Basta

Research Essays

Resilience, Reconciliation, and Redemption: An Initial Historical Sketch of Pioneering Black Students in the Plan II Honors Program 79 by Richard J. Reddick, Emily A. Johnson, Ashley Jones, Tracie A. J. Lowe, Ashley N. Stone, and James Thomas

Black Excellence: Fostering Intellectual Curiosity in Minority Honors Students at a Predominantly White Research Institution . 109 by Stephen C. Scott

A Regression Model Approach to First-Year Honors Program Admissions Serving a High-Minority Population 135 by David M. Rhea

Moving Beyond GPA: Alternative Measures of Success and Predictive Factors in Honors Programs 149 by Tom Mould and Stephen B. DeLoach

Developing Citizenship through Honors 169 by Jacob Andrew Hester and Kari Lynn Besing

Demography of Honors: The Census of U.S. Honors Programs and Colleges . 189 by Richard I. Scott, Patricia J. Smith, and Andrew J. Cognard-Black

About the Authors . 225

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