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Spring 2018


Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2018): Forum on Honors and Social Justice.


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Call for Papers

Editorial Policy, Deadlines, and Submission Guidelines

Dedication to Jack W. Rhodes

Editor’s Introduction — Ada Long

Forum on Honors And Social Justice

Thinking Critically, Acting Justly . — Naomi Yavneh Klos

Making Honors Success Scripts Available to Students from Diverse Backgrounds — Richard Badenhausen

Cultivating Empathy: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Course — Megan Jacobs and Marygold Walsh-Dilley

Socioeconomic Equity in Honors Education: Increasing Numbers of First-Generation and Low-Income Students — Angela D. Mead

Social Justice Education in Honors: Political but Non-Partisan — Sarita Cargas

Research Essays

What Makes a Curriculum Significant? Tracing the Taxonomy of Significant

Learning in Jesuit Honors Programs — Robert J. Pampel

Linking Academic Excellence and Social Justice through Community-Based Participatory Research — Lydia Voigt

General Strain Theory and Prescription Drug Misuse Among Honors Students — Jordan Pedalino and Kelly Frailing

Perceptions of Advisors Who Work with High-Achieving Students — Melissa L. Johnson, Cheryl Walther, and Kelly J. Medley

From Campus to Corporation: Using Developmental Assessment Centers to Facilitate Students’ Next Career Steps — Rick R. Jacobs, Kaytlynn R. Griswold, Kristen L. Swigart, Greg E. Loviscky, and Rachel L. Heinen

How to Drink from the Pierian Spring: A Liberal Arts and Humanities Question about the Limits of Honors Education — Christopher Keller

Portz-Prize-Winning Essay, 2017

Creating a National Readership for Harper’s Weekly in a Time of Sectional Crisis — Ashlyn Stewart

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