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Date of this Version

Spring 2008


Published in Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council 9:1, Spring/Summer 2008. Copyright © 2008 by the National Collegiate Honors Council.


In “Defining Honors Culture,” Charlie Slavin’s statement that “[w]e surely all know students who are motivated, either by internal or external factors, but are not at all interested in taking risks or in stepping outside their comfort zone academically, socially, or culturally” reminded me of an annual discussion that I have at the national conference with Anne Rinn, an educational psychologist whose body of work includes research on how a postsecondary honors program may be a good fit for the high achieving student but perhaps not as good for the gifted student. During our 2004 panel on giftedness and honors, she distributed a handout with a modified version of the characteristics of these student groups as outlined by Janice Szabos in “Bright Child, Gifted Learner.”