National Collegiate Honors Council


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Spring 2019


Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council 20:1 (Spring/Summer 2019), pp. ix-xvi.


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Academics are proficient in the art of complaining. Behind closed doors or in faculty senate meetings, the well-honed quibble can be a portal into instant respect and in-group status. From freshman composition through the dissertation defense, critical thinking has nurtured in us the rhetoric of grievance, sharpening its edges until it gleams with a fine luster, enchanting the listener almost as much as the practitioner. Nevertheless, Richard Badenhausen, despite his impeccable academic credentials, brazenly invited us to abandon the enchantments of grousing and to pursue practical fixes for our problems in honors. His invitation was issued in this Call for Papers . . . a Forum focused on the theme “Current Challenges to Honors Education.”