National Collegiate Honors Council


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Spring 2019


Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council 20:1 (Spring/Summer 2019), pp. 45-49.


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This essay contends that honors education should seize the opportunity to expose our students to the horrors of our society such as “the violence against those among us with the least amount of power.” We can affirm our curricular foundation (writing, reflection, and critical thinking) by supplementing it with histories of oppression in order to better equip our students with the tools necessary to become change agents. Such a shift in curricular content and pedagogies could engender changes in our institutional practices that model successful collaboration across races, cultures, and disciplines for our students, ultimately leading the way to a more just university. Our investment in our students’ ability to take the lead in interrupting oppressive patterns, challenging the status quo, and becoming change agents will lead to a more just society.