National Collegiate Honors Council


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Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, 2022, 23(1): 43–45


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As part of the National Collegiate Honors Council’s (2022) collection of essays about the value of honors to its graduates (1967–2019), the author reflects on the personal and professional impacts of the honors experience.

H onor. It flows throughout the thread of life and shapes a path at every stage. It serves as an inner compass that navigates through growth and identity to find the destination of a better self. My experience as an honors student represents an important part of this journey and established a foundation of intrinsic values that continue to guide me through my professional and personal landscape. Looking inward today, I recognize these values in the mosaic of my belief system and how they became a driving force in my ongoing evolution as an individual. By honoring the values of critical thinking, continuous improvement, self-trust, and maintaining an active voice, my path remains anchored in wonder and discovery as I pursue my continued development.