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Kim Klein and Mary Kay Mulvaney, eds., Internationalizing Honors. National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series (Lincoln, NE: National Collegiate Honors Council, 2020).

ISBN: 978-1-945001-06-2


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This monograph takes a “holistic approach to internationalization. [It] highlights how honors programs and colleges have gone beyond providing often one-time, short-term international experiences for their students and made global issues and experiences central features of their honors curricular and co-curricular programming. It presents case studies that can serve as models for honors programs and colleges seeking to initiate and further their internationalization efforts and highlights the latest research on the impact of internationalization on our students, campuses, and communities.” * * * “Our hope is that this monograph will serve multiple audiences: faculty wishing to develop new globally focused courses or partnerships; administrators looking to inspire and support faculty; advancement officers working to encourage donors to recognize the value of internationalizing campuses; and international education professionals striving to create and advance programs for some of the most talented and motivated students on their campuses. Without doubt, as we face the increasingly complicated global challenges of the twenty-first century, societal needs escalate—the need for greater understanding of the common concerns of all humanity; the need for celebrating, not fearfully shrinking from, the rich diversity of our world; and the need for broader education than the traditional classroom can provide to prepare our students to tackle pressing global issues and to lead in a complex and interdependent world. These crucial needs can be met, at least in part, through the internationalization of higher education and, specifically, of honors education.”


Introduction Mary Kay Mulvaney and Kim Klein

PART I: Internationalizing Honors at Home

Making the Global Familiar: Building an International Focus into the Honors Curriculum Erin E. Edgington and Daniel C. Villanueva

Internationalizing with Intention: A Case Study of the Mahurin Honors College Craig T. Cobane and Audra Jennings

Honors Internationalization at Washington State University: A Comprehensive Experience Kim Andersen and Christine K. Oakley

Intercultural Conversations: Honors-Led Partnerships to Engage International Students on Campus Robert J. Pampel

Keeping the Program Alive: Internationalizing Honors through Post-Travel Programming Kevin W. Dean and Michael B. Jendzurski

PART II: Internationalizing Honors through International Partnerships

“Let’s Get a Coffee!”: A Transformative International Honors Partnership • Leslie Kaplan, Sophia Zevgoli, and Andres Gallo

Balancing International Aspirations with Honors Expectations: Expanding Honors to a Branch Campus in Florence, Italy • James G. Snyder and Vanessa Nichol-Peters

“Same Same, But Different”: Trans-Nationalizing Honors in a U.S. Branch Campus • Jesse Gerlach Ulmer

The Fulbright International Education Administrators Seminars: Pathways to International Partnerships • Rochelle Gregory, Kyle C. Kopko, and M. Grant Norton

Transformative Learning Abroad for Honors Students: Leveraging High-Impact Practices at Global Partner Institutions • Craig Wallace

Drawing on Gifts of International Students to Develop International Partnerships • Kevin W. Dean

The Honors Thesis for Health Sciences Students: A Service Abroad Model • Misty Guy, Heidi Evans Knowles, Stephanie Cook, Zane Cooley, and Ellen Buckner

Honors Abroad through Third-Party Providers Susan E. Dinan

PART III: Assessing Honors Internationalization

Early Impact: Assessing Global-Mindedness and Intercultural Competence in a First-Year Honors Abroad Course Michael Carignan and Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler

Assessing Honors Internationalization: A Case Study of Lloyd International Honors College at UNC Greensboro Chris J. Kirkman and Omar H. Ali

The Long-Term Impact of Study Abroad on Honors Program Alumni Mary Kay Mulvaney

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