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Published in Innovations in Undergraduate Research and Honors Education: Proceedings of the Second Schreyer National Conference 2001, ed. Josephine M. Carubia & Renata S. Engel. Copyright © 2004 The National Collegiate Honors Council.


This 'Issue Reaction' focuses on describing the meaning of an 'honors thesis' in the creative and performing arts and defining appropriate approaches for guiding students on their thesis work in these fields. In general, a 'project' complements the thesis (the work of art) and is the written reflective component. The process for completing the project and written work will vary according to the nature of the work and student. One approach is to establish why the project is important and should be undertaken, how it will be completed or approached, and who will be involved or what the outcome will be. For this approach, students often keep a journal to reflect on the project during its formation. In another approach, students complete the artistic work and then reflect, analyze, and critique. Both approaches are equally valid and each requires the faculty advisor to playa critical role in ensuring the inclusion of a reflective component.