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Published in Innovations in Undergraduate Research and Honors Education: Proceedings of the Second Shreyer National Conference 2001, ed. Josephine M. Carubia & Renata S. Engel. Copyright © 2004 The National Collegiate Honors Council


This paper describes a model of service leadership that can be followed by university students throughout their academic career. The intent of this project is to help students understand their growth .in civic responsibility and leadership and to put it in context with the growth of other students. Using a grounded-theory approach from quantitative and qualitative surveys and case studies, the research team of seven undergraduates and two staff members from the Schreyer Honors College developed three distinct, non-exclusive tracks that revolve around a theme of vision development. The three tracks include Service to the On-Campus Community, Service to the Local Community, and Service to the National/Global Community. The results, although addressing different questions, are consistent with the developmental model of service leadership proposed by Delve, Mintz, and Stewart (1990). Future research directions include refining the survey and expanding this pilot study to include a larger sample of students.