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Senior Capstone Project Poster, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy/Grand Island Senior High School 2018. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple brings up issues women had to endure since women were the largest oppressed minority group as shown today as well. Since most of Walker’s life story was unacceptable in society, she vented about her adventures in her writing. Women were always told they were supposed to be caregivers and meant to stay at home, stereotyped as weak and told that they needed a man by their side to keep them safe. Walker used these stereotypes in her novel and demonstrated how women can be successful without a man telling them what to do and how woman can break away from gender expectations.

● Women were not allowed a voice in society. ● Celie was taken advantage of because she was known to be vulnerable and silent on command. ● Women were stereotyped as mothers, and society expected them to stay at home as caretakers. ● Fulfilling her husband’s sexual needs was also an important responsibility of a woman. ● Since the men in the novel were oppressed for being African American, they wanted to feel in control so they abused their wives to make them behave the way they wanted them to.