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Report # TRP-03-267-12

MwRSF Research Report No. TRP-03-267-12


MATC TRB RiP No. 18463


Computer simulation models were developed to analyze and evaluate a new cable-to-post attachment for high-tension cable barriers. The models replicated the performance of a keyway bolt currently used in the design of a high-tension cable median barrier being developed at the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility. Component tests of the keyway bolts were simulated and compared to the component test results. Accurate friction, fracture strain, and stress-strain material properties were determined for a solid element model of the keyway bolt by applying actual load curve measured from the test to a simulated pull cable. By simulating the material properties of the solid element keyway bolt in bending, torsion, and tension of a rod, load curves were developed for a simplified beam element model of the keyway bolt as well. When material properties were finalized, the solid and beam element models of the keyway bolt were inserted in bogie test models and simulated again. By analyzing the bogie testing results, it was determined that due to the very small size of the keyway bolt and potential contact difficulties, solid element models of the keyway bolt may be impractical for full-scale simulation purposes. However, the beam element models were determined to be advantageous and had a very small computational cost in comparison.