Nebraska LTAP


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Report # MPMC-01



A Report on Research Sponsored by Mid-America Transportation Center University of Nebraska-Lincoln


This research project investigated the performance and damage characteristics of Nebraska roadways at low-temperature conditions. To meet the research objective, laboratory tests were incorporated with mechanistic numerical modeling. The three most common pavement structures in Nebraska were selected and modeled considering local environmental conditions and pavement materials with and without truck loading. Cracking of asphalt overlay was predicted and analyzed by conducting finite element simulations incorporated with cohesive zone fracture. Parametric analyses were also conducted by varying pavement geometries and material properties, which could lead to helping pavement designers understand the mechanical sensitivity of design variables on the overall responses and performance characteristics of pavement structures. This better understanding is expected to provide NDOR engineers with more scientific insights into how to select paving materials in a more appropriate way and to advance the current structural pavement design practices.