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Jensen, W. and Uerling, N. "Mitigating Pavement Edge Drop off" (2015) Nebraska Department of Roads Research Reports. Report SPR-P1(15) M018


The objective of this research was to investigate and document practices currently being used by the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) districts and other State DOTs to mitigate pavement edge drop off. The NDOR has developed (or borrowed) and is currently incorporating into its standard practices several procedures that significantly decrease the incidence and magnitude of pavement edge-drop off. As these practices become more fully integrated into highway reconstruction projects, pavement edge drop off is expected to decrease dramatically. Localized areas of pavement edge drop off along paved lanes with bare or vegetated shoulders were noted as posing particular problems for NDOR maintenance personnel. Several commercial systems for artificially reinforcing soil beneath vegetated or aggregate shoulders were investigated. Suggestions for follow-on research and field studies involving various mitigation procedures are included in the recommendations.