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Heyen, W., Halsey, L., Krason, T., Vaarilek, B., Hansen, D. (2020). Evaluation of Tie-Bar Anchoring Methods: Non-Shrink Grout vs. Epoxy. NDOT Research Report.


Tie bars are epoxy coated steel bars that connect the longitudinal joints in concrete pavement. Tie bars prevent faulting and joint separation between lanes Tie bars can be placed into the plastic concrete or inserted after curing by drilling and anchoring with epoxy or non-shrink grout. The specification for the tie bars requires the use of a No. 5 bar, 18 inches long and shall meet ASTM A775 / A775M [1], Section 1020.The Nebraska Department of Transportation “Standard Specifications for Highway Construction,” (Section 603.03) requires contractors to mechanically insert tie bars into the face of pavements during construction. Tie bars are also used during the construction of pavement repairs.