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Barrett, B., Byre, D., Helen, W., Halsey, L., and Hansen, D. (2019). Investigating the Interaction of NDOT Hot-Pour PCC Joint Sealant and Penetrating Concrete Sealers. NDOT Research Report.


Based on the field observations on NE-83, PCS potentially impacts the bond between the concrete and hot-pour sealant after application. If penetrating sealers break the interfacial bond after application, concrete pavements could become compromised and subject to freeze-thaw damage, chloride attack, and other deleterious effects.

The results show that discoloration occurred when applying the five PCS products to the NE-3405 hot-pour sealed testing blocks. All three test methods of application; spraying, 1-min, and 5-min soaks, caused discoloration. The level of discoloration increased with the duration of contact with the PCS. Despite discoloration, none of the five PCS products caused de-bonding issues during extension testing which concludes that the PCS products do not deteriorate of the interfacial bond between NE-3405 hot-pour sealant and concrete surfaces. Maintenance crews and contractors should be advised that some discoloration is normal and should not cause concern.