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NDOR Research Project SPR-1(07) P598


Final Report Prepared for Nebraska Department of Roads; Nebraska Transportation Center University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Construction of modern roundabouts in place of traditional four-legged intersections is becoming common in the United States. Roundabout negotiation can be confusing for drivers who are not familiar with their use. This research was carried out to identify roundabout elements that play a role in incorrect roundabout negotiation, ascertain driver characteristics prominent in incorrect roundabout negotiation, assess the relative potential for incorrect negotiation amongst different groups of drivers, and suggest measures for improving drivers’ abilities to negotiate roundabouts. Potential for incorrect roundabout negotiation was measured by asking questions in a survey questionnaire related to rules of roundabout negotiation and the purpose of different roundabout elements. Incorrectly answered questions from the survey identified roundabout design elements that can potentially lead to incorrect roundabout use. Analyses tested seven hypotheses regarding driver characteristics leading to incorrect roundabout negotiation.