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“Notes,” from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1984) 52(4).


Copyright 1984 Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Used by permission.


EARLY NESTING WOOD DUCKS. On 7 May 1983 I found a female Wood Duck with newly hatched ducklings at Cedar Island, a property along the Platte River in Sarpy County owned by Metropolitan Utilities District.—Ruth C. Green, Bellevue

GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER NEST. On 20 June 1984 I saw Great Crested Flycatchers nesting in a bluebird box. This was at Beaver Lake, Cass Co.—Ruth C. Green, Bellevue

LAZULI BUNTING. I saw a male Lazuli Bunting by the railroad tracks at the foot of Child’s Hollow in Fontenelle Forest, Sarpy County, on 14 May 1984.—Ray Korpi, Bellevue

GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW IN BOX BUTTE COUNTY. Around eight o’clock 25 November 1984 I was watching the monster flock of House Sparrows flying in and out of my backyard feeding areas when I noticed one moving about like a White-crowned Sparrow. Using my 7x35 binoculars I singled this individual out, and thought I caught a yellow crown. This time the Golden-crowned Sparrow . . .—Doug G. Thomas, Alliance (This is the fifth reported Golden-crowned Sparrow for Nebraska.)

TORPID PINE SISKIN. On 22 February 1984 I unintentionally left a Potter trap (banding equipment) open for the night. The temperature that night was –22°F. The next morning, when I went to the patio to refill the feeders, I found a Pine Siskin in the trap. . . .—Ruth C. Green, Bellevue