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Manning, "A Hoary Redpoll in Dodge County," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1982) 50(2).


Copyright 1982, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


On 5 February 1982 I observed and photographed a Hoary Redpoll (Carduelis hornemanni) at the bird feeders of Mike Manning. Mike lives approximately 3 miles north of Ames, Dodge Co., Nebraska (R-7-E, T18-N, sec. 28). This bird was first seen, by Mike, on 3 February, in a mixed flock of approximately 300 American Goldfinches (Carduelis tristis), 50 Pine Siskens (Carduelis pinus), and 6 Common Redpolls (Carduelis flammea). The bird was seen repeatedly by me, Mike Manning, Bob Manning, and John Manning. Normally the flock would start feeding about 7:30AM and feed on and off until nearly 3:30PM.