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The Nebraska Educator, Volume 4: 2017.

Published by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Co-Editors-in-Chief: Abraham Flanigan and Zoe Falls. Editorial Board: Carin Appleget, Lyrica Lucas, Sarah McBrien, Markeya Peteranetz, Shuling Yang.

ISSN 2375-6853

doi:10.13014/K21C1V2S (this issue)


© 2017 University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Effects of Environment on Depressive Symptoms on Chinese Left-Behind Children Lanyan Ding & Eric S. Buhs, Ph.D. .....4

Students on the Edge: Evaluating an Academic Support Group Ben Heinisch & Nicole M. Smith.....26

Examining Inequalities in Science Literacy by Religious Affiliation Among Adults Alexis Swendener ........47

Applying Encoding and Retrieval Techniques to Chinese Rhyme Reading in Advanced Placement Chinese Instruction Nan Wang....64

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