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Spring 10-5-2021

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THE NEBRASKA EDUCATOR, VOLUME 6 (October 2021), pp 128-152.

doi: 10.32873/unl.dc.ne026


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The normalization of white cultural and societal educational standards often produce uniform consumers of knowledge. In an effort to seek modification from conventional educational belief systems, this literature review looks at a collection of critical, race-based, and anti-/ de-colonial epistemologies and challenges traditions of inquiry. The research: 1) articulates how national culture perpetuates divisiveness through race and racism in colonized American society and institutions, 2) contemplates the amalgamation of Jewishness and whiteness, and 3) considers utilizing critical theory and social justice views to decolonize educational methodologies as a path to implement change. Historical context and the diverse array of scholarship on critical theories using the narratives of race-based epistemologies in this literature review suggest a directional shift to center marginalized voices and redefine how knowledge is acquired in our systems.