Policies for Nebraska Libraries

(Updated January 2013)


Nebraska Libraries is the official journal of the Nebraska Library Association. It strives to inform its members and subscribers of NLA’s activities and represent the broad scope of issues and news that affect all Nebraska Libraries. To encourage the sharing of knowledge and inspiration throughout the state, Nebraska Libraries is an inclusive, flexible journal that publishes feature articles, editorials, white papers, news, and reports from libraries, conferences, and NLA.


Nebraska Libraries welcomes content from volunteer authors, including feature articles, news briefs, columns and opinion pieces, and photographs and artwork. Content is also provided by overseeing NLA Communications Committee members. The Nebraska Libraries Editor and the Communications Committee have the responsibility to publish accurate information regarding NLA and its activities and provide a balanced spectrum of coverage for all Nebraska Libraries and members. Content is accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Editor and is subject to editing for clarity and grammar.

Editor's Rights

The Editor is responsible for each journal issue providing a balanced mixture of relevant and thoughtful articles and features on the interests, responsibilities, problems, and concerns of the varied library professionals throughout the state of Nebraska. The Editor is responsible for determining the strategic direction for the practitioner journal and developing editorial policies and submission standards, actively soliciting manuscripts from various NLA library professionals, conducting manuscript revision and editing, and serving as a primary liaison with authors. By submitting an item to this publication, an Author is implicitly granting the Editor permission to make minor editorial changes, such as correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling, and making layout and formatting changes as needed to speed along the publication process.

Author’s Rights

An Author agrees upon the stipulations of the Submission Policy when submitting an article to the Editor. Upon submitting works to the Editor, the Author will receive a copyedited version of their work and be given a one-week deadline to contest or make any changes. If the Editor does not hear from the Author within that deadline the article, as per the Editor’s rights, will be published as the Editor sees fit in order to speed along the publication process. Authors should explicitly note when a submission is a creative work, such as poem or story, where such changes would negatively impact the Author’s intent.

The Author shall, without limitation, have the non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, distribute, and create derivative works, including update, perform, and display publicly, the article in electronic, digital or print form in connection with the Author’s teaching, conference presentations, lectures, other scholarly works, and for all of Author’s academic and professional activities.

After a period of six (6) months from the date of publication of the article, the Author shall also have all the non-exclusive rights necessary to make, or to authorize others to make, the final published version of the Article available in digital form over the Internet including, but not limited to, a website under the control of the Author or the Author’s employer or through other digital repositories.

NLA Communications Committee Purpose

The NLA Communications Committee assists the NLA Editor with the direction, publication, and distribution of Nebraska Libraries and ensures that the journal meets the needs of the Nebraska library community. The committee aids the Editor in developing Nebraska Libraries’ policies and procedures and its members contribute to the journal as well as solicit content from the broader library community.


The statements, comments, or opinions expressed in Nebraska Libraries contributors are those of their respective authors and do not represent the views the Nebraska Library Association.