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As the fifteenth largest state, geographically, with the tenth smallest population, Nebraska faces many unique challenges. Sixty percent of the population resides in the eastern-third of the state while 33 of the 93 counties in Nebraska have a population of less than 5,000. One of the challenges facing such a geographi-cally dispersed state is how to support educational and technological efforts that benefit all of its citizens. Nebraska has been a leader in distance education. Nebraska became the first state to own its own satellite transponder in 1990. It supports public television and radio transmitters with digital transmission providing 28 channels of con-current services. Nebraska Educational Telecommunications, known as NET, serves the State of Nebraska by offering 19 educational services using 13 dif-ferent technologies. By the end of this century, more than 200 K-12 school dis-tricts will have interactive video classrooms (NET, 1998).