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September 2005


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obconical obcordate obese obimbricate obsite objective synonym oblanceolate oblate obligate facultative obligate parasite facultative parasite obligate symbiont facultative symbiont oblique oblique muscles oblique vein obliterate oblong oblong plates oblongum obovate obpyriform obscure obsite obimbricate obsolescence obsolete obtect obtected obtect pupa exarate pupa obturaculum obturator obtuse acute obtusilingues acutilin¬gues obumbrate obverse obverse side of colony obvolvent occasional species occipital occipital arch occipital carina occipital cilia ocular seta occipital condyles occipital foramen foramen magnum occipital ganglion occipitalia occipital margin occipital notch occipital suture occipital tentacle cirrus occiput occipital occludent margin occludent teeth occlusion plate occlusor occult oceanic zone ocellara ocellus ocellar basin ocellar bristles ocellar bulb tentacular bulb ocellar centers ocellar group ocellar pair ocellar bristles ocellar pedicels ocellar plate ocellar triangle ocellar triangle ocellata apharyngeate ocellate ocellus ocelli nauplius eye stemma ommata aesthete ochraceous ochroleucous octactine octamerous octoploid octopod octopody octoprostatic octothecal ocular ocular bulla ocular emargination ocular fleck ocular fringe ocularium ocular lobe ocular papilla ocular peduncle ocular plates ocular sclerites ocular seta ocular sinus ocular suture ocular ocular tubercles oculiferous oculomotor oculus oculi odona odonate odontium onchium odontoblast odontoidea occipital condyles odontophore buccal mass odontostyle odontostylet odoriferous glands scent glands odor trail oecium ooecium oeco eco oedaeagus oedeagus oedoeagus aedeagus oenocytes oenocytoid oeruginous oeruginus aeruginous oesophagus esophagus oestrus estrus official index official list ogival ogive oikosite olfactory olfactibon olfactory cone sensillum basiconicum olfactory hair aesthetasc olfactory lobes olfactory papilla olfactory pits olfactory pores sensillum campaniformium oligogene polygenes oligogyny oligogyral paucispiral oligolecithal egg centrolecithal egg telolecithal egg oligolectic oligomerous oligonephria oligoneura Oligoneuroptera Oligoneoptera Endopterygota oligophagous monophagous oligophyletic monophyletic oligopneustic oligopod polypod proto¬pod oligopod larva campodeiform larva oligopyrene apyrene eupyrene oligosaprobic oligotaxy oligothermic oligotokous oligotrichy oligotrophic oligotropic monotropic polytropic oligoxenous oli¬goxeny oligozoic olivaceous oliviform olynthus omega-ramule ommata ommatidium ommateum ommatidium ia ommatochrome ommochrome ommatoid ommatophore ommochrome ommatochrome omnivorous omphalian omphalium diastomian omphalous onchial plate onchiophore odontophore onchiostyle odontostyle onchium onchia odontium esophastome onchomiracidium onchosphere oncosphere oncogenic oncophysis Tragardh's organ onisciform larva platyform larva onomatophore ontogeny ontogenetic phylogeny onychaetes onyches claws onychii pulvilli onychium Onychophora onychophorans ooblast ooblastema oocapt oocyst oocytes ooecia ooecial vesicle ooeciostome oogamy oogamous anisogamy isogamy oogenesis oogenotop columella oogone oogonium oogonium oogonia ookinete oolemma vitelline membrane oophagy oophore ooplasm oopod oosperm oosphere oostegite oostegopod ootheca cae ootid ootocous ootype oozooid blastozooid opaline opaque open cell open coxal cavity open population opercular membrane opercular plug or spot opercular scar opercular valves operculate operculiform operculigenous operculigerous operculum opercula mandible opere citato operon opesiule opesium ia ophiopluteus ophirhabd euler¬habd ophiurida Ophiuroidea ophiuroids ophthalmic ophthalmic somite acron ophthalmocercaria ophthalmopod ophthalmotheca opisthaptor Baer's disc opisthocline opisthocyrt opisthodelphic amphidelphic monodelphic prodelphic didelphic opisthodetic amphidetic parivincular opisthogenesis opisthognathous opisthogoneate progoneate opisthogonia opisthogyrate opisthohapter opisthaptor opisthomeres opisthomerite opisthoparamere proparamere opisthosoma protosoma metasoma mesosoma opisthosomatic appendages opisthosomatic scissure opsiblastic tachyblastic optic optical isomerism optic lobes opticon optimum orad oral oral oral cavity oral cone oral disk oral hooks oral lappet oral lobe oral plate oral segment oral spear stomatostyle odontostyle oral styles oral surface oral tentacles oral valve oral vibrissae orb orbicular orbit orbital bristles facio-orbita orbital carina orbital fossa orbit orbital hiatus orbital plate genovertical plate orbital region orbital tooth orchitic order ordinal uniordinal crochets biordinal crochets triordinal crochets multiordinal crochets ordinate oreillets organelle es ae orange rouge organism organization center organizer organizer organ of Bellonci frontal eye complex organ of Berlese mesospermalege organ of Bojanus organ of Hicks sensillum campaniformium organ of Hoyle Hoyle's organ organ of Johnston Johnston's organ organ of Kolliker Kolliker's organ organ of Ribaga mesospermalege organogenesis organogenetic organogeny organogenesis organoid organoleptic organotroph heterotroph organs of Tomosvary organs of Valenciennes orichalceous Oriental Realm orientation orifice aperture orificial wall original description orismology ornamentation ornate cercaria orphan nest orthocerous condition gonatocerous condition orthochromatic orthochromatin orthocline orthodont hinge orthodromic antidromic orthogenesis orthognathous orthogyral orthogyrate orthokinesis kli¬nokinesis orthometaneme Orthonectida orthonectids orthoneury detorsion orthoploid euploid orthoselection orthosomatic orthostasy orthostrophic orthotaxy orthotriaenes orthotrichy os ora oscillation osculant oscular chimney osculum osculum oscule apopore osmeterium osmeteria osmiophilic osmophilic osmium osmosium osmoconformer osmomorphosis osmoreceptors osmoregulation osmosis osmosium osmotaxis osmotic osmosis osmotic pressure osphradium osseous ossicle axillary sclerites ossiculum ostia ostium ostiolar peritreme ostiole ostiola ostium ostia ostial ostium bursae ostium bursae ostium oviductus ostracum otidium statocyst otocrypt otocyst statocyst otolith statolith otoporpae outer coelomic space outer face outer leaf crown corona radiata outer ligament lamellar ligament outer lip outer pigment cells accessory pigment cells outer plate quadrate plates outer squama alula outer vertical bristles ova ovum oval ovarial ligament ovarian balls ovarian tube ovariole ovariotestis ovotestis ovarium ovary ovary ovarial ovarian ovate ovately-conic ovate-oblong ovate-subquadrate ovejector ovijector overdispersion ovicapt ovicell oviducal gland oviduct oviducal oviferous ovigerous oviform oviger ovigerous ovigerous frena ovigerous lamella ovigerous frena ovijector oviparous oviporus oviposit oviposition ovipositor ovisac oviscapt oviscapte ovivalvula ovocyte oocytes ovogonium oogonium ovoid ovotestis testes ovovitellarium ovoviviparous oviparous viviparous ovum oxea oxyaster oxydiact oxygnathous oxyphil oxyphile oxyphilic oxyphilic oxyphilous oxyphobe oxyphobic oxytylote ozadene ozopore

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