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Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology: N

Mary Ann Basinger Maggenti, University of California-Davis
Armand R. Maggenti, University of California, Davis
Scott Gardner

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nacre nacreous naiad nail naked nanism nanoid nanitic worker nanometer nanoplankton nanozooid narcosis nasale nascent naso Nassanoff's gland Nassanov's gland Nassanov's gland nasus nasute natal natality rate natant natatory natatory lamellae nates naticid naticiform native natural classification artificial classification natural decrease natural increase natural group natural increase natural requeening supersedure natural selection naupliar eye nauplius eye naupliiform nauplius eye nauplius larva nautilicone nautiliform nautiloid nautiloid navicular neala neallotype neanic neap Nearctic neascus larva nebulous neck neck organ nuchal organ necrobiosis necrocytosis necrophagous necrophoresis necrophoric behavior necrosis necrotize nectar nectobenthic nectocalyx nectophore nectochaeta larva necton nekton nectophore pneumatophore nectopod nectosome nectozooid nectophore Needham's sac/organ negative geotropism negative phototropism negative tropism nekton seston nema nema curds nema wool nemaposit Nemata nematodes Nemathelminthes nematicide nematocide nematize nematization nematoblast nematocide nematocyst cnida spirocyst nematocyte plasmatocytes cnidocyst Nematoda Nemata nematode nematode wool nema wool nematogen rhombogen m Nematoidea Nemata nematology Nematomorpha nematomorphs nematophagous nematophore nematopore nematosis nematosphere nematostat nematotheca nematozooid nema wool Nemertea nemerteans nemertines or rhynchocoels Nemertini Nemertea nemic nemin nemoricolous nemoricole neobiogenesis biogenesis neoblast Neo-Darwinism neogallicolae-gallicolae neogallicolae radicolae neogea neotropical region neogeic gerontogeous neonatal neontology neophorans archoo¬phorans neoplasm neoplasia neosistens neosome neosomule neosomy neosomic neostigma neotaxy neoteinia neoteny neote(i)nic neotenic neoteny neotenic plerocercoid neotenic procercoid neotenic procercoid neotenic reproduction neoteny neotenin neoteny enoteinia neoteiny hysterotely neotenic neotrichy neotropical region neotype neozoology neontology nephridial papilla nephridiopore nephropore nephridiostome nephrostome nephridium protonephridium nephroblast nephridioblast nephrocytes nephrodinic nephrogonoduct nephromixium protonephromixium metanephromixium mixo¬nephridium nephropore nephrostomal lips nephrostome nepioconch nepionic nepionic constriction nepionotype NEPO virus NETU virus neritic zone nerve nerve cell neuron nerve ending nerve fiber nerve net nerve pentagon nerve ring circumesophageal commissure nerve root nervicole nervicolous nervous nervous system nervulation venation nervules nervures nervures nesium nesia nest nestlers nest odor colony odor nest parasitism nest robbing cleptobiosis NETU virus NEPO virus nettle cells nematocysts neuraforamen neural neural arc neural canal neural groove neural lamella neural ridges neuration venation neurilemma Schwann cell neurite axon neurobiotaxis neuroblast dermatoblasts neurocirrus neurocyte neurofibrils neurogenic myogenic neuroglia neurohemal organs neurohormone neurohumor neurotransmitter neuroid transmission neurolemma Schwann cell neuromere neuron neurone neuron neuropile neuroplasm neuropodium neuropore trichopore Neuropteroidea Holometabola neuropterous neurosecretory cells neurospongium neuropile neurosynapse synapse neurotransmitter neurotropic neurotubules neuston seston neuter neutralism neutral synoekete new name niche nictation negative geotropism nictitant nidamental gland nidicole nidificant nidifugous nidus nidi niger nigerrima nigrescent nisto nitid nitidus nitrate nitrite nitrogen nitrogen cycle nitrogenous nits niveous nocturnal diurnal crepuscular nocturnal eyes nodal furrow node nodicorn nodiferous nodiform nodose nodular nodular sclerite epaulett nodule nodulus nodus nomadism nomenclator nomenclature nomen conservandum nomen dubium nomen inquirendum nomen novum new name nomen nudum nomen oblitum nomen taxon nominalism nominate noncelliferous side of colony noncellular outgrowth noncoelomate acoelomate non congression non conjunction nondimensional species nondisjunction non-essential amino acids nonincubatory oysters non-medullated nerve nonsense codon nonsense mutation nonsense mutation normalizing selection nosogenic nosography nota notum notacoria notal comb genal comb notate notation notaulix lices notch notched notocephalon notocirrus notodeltidium chilidium notodont Notogaea notogaster notonectal notopleura notopleuron notopleural notopleural bristles notopleural suture notopodium notopterale notoseta nototheca notothyrium delthyrium notum notal nucha nuchal nuchal caruncle nuchal cavity nuchal cirrus cirrus nuchal constriction nuchal organ nuchal papilla nuchal tentacles nuclear envelope nuclear plate nuclear sap nucleoplasm nuclear whorls nucleate nucleic acids nuclei of Semper nucleolar chromosome nucleolar organizer nucleolinus nucleolonema nucleolus nucleoplasm nucleoplasmic index nucleoprotein nucleoside nucleotide nucleus lei nudibranchiate nudum nulliplex numerical phenetics numerical taxonomy taxonomy nuptial flight nurse cells nutant nutricial castration castration nutriciale alimentary castration nutricism nutrition nyctipelagic nymph nympha phae nymphal phase nymphipara pupipara nymphochrysalis nymphoid nymphoid reproductive nymphosis