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September 2005


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abactinal abambulacral A-band abapertural abapical abaxial abbreviate abcauline abdomen abduct aberrant abient abiocoen abiogenesis abiology abiotic abjugal ablation aboral aboriginal abortion abranchiate abreptor abscission absorption abterminal abullate abyssal abyssobenthos abyssopelagic acanthaceous acanthella acanthocephalans acanthocyst acanthodion acanthodrilin acanthoparia acanthophore acanthophorites acanthopod acanthosphenote acanthostegous acanthostyle acanthozooid acariasis Acarina acarinarium acarocecidium acarology acarophily acaryote acaudal acclimation acclivous accretion acelomate acentric Acephala acephalocyst acephalous acerata acervate acescence acetabulum achaetous achlamydate achroacyte achroglobin achroic achromasia achromatic A-chromosome achroous acia acicle aciculiform acidic acidobiontic acidophilic acidophobic acidotheca aciduric acies aciform acinacicate acinaciform acinarious aciniform acinose aclid acline aclitellate acme Acoelomata acoelous acone acontioids acraein Acraspeda acrembolic acridophagus acroblast acrocentric acrocyst acrodendrophily acronematic acroparia acroperiphallus acrophilous acrorhagus acroscopic acrosome acrosternite acrostical acrosyndesis acrotergite acrotrophic acrydian actine actinenchyma actinobiology actinoblast actinochitin actinodont actinogonidial actinoid actinology actinomere actinopharynx actinostome actinotrocha actinula actomyosin acuate aculeus acumen acuminulate acupunctate acutilingual acyclic adactyl adambulacral adanale adapertural adapical adaxial adcauline addendum addorsal adduction adecticous adelaceratous adelocerous adelocodonic adelomorphic adelonymy adelphogamy adelphoparasite adendric adeniform adenine adenoblast adenocheiri adenodactyl adenophorean adenose adenosine adenotaxy adenotrophic adeoniform adermata adesmatic adetopneustic adfrontal adhesive adiabatic adiaphanous adient adipocytes adipogenesis adipohemocytes adipose A-disc adiscota aditus adiverticulate adjustor admedial adminiculum adnate adneural adnotale adolescaria adoral ADP adpressed adradius adrectal adrostral adsorption adsperse adsternal adtidal adultation aduncate adust advehent adventitia adventral aedagus aedoeotype aeneus aerate aeriduct aeriform aerobic aerobiology aerobiont aerobiosis aerophore aeropyle aeroscepsin aeroscopic aerostatic aerotaxis aeruginous aesthacyte aesthesia aestivate aetiology afference aflagellar afterbody afternose agameon agamete agamic agamobium agamodeme agamogenesis agamospecies agamous agar agastric agenesis aggenital agglomerate agglutinate aggregate aggressin agigeriate Aglossa agminate agnathous agnotobiotic agonist agriotype ahermatic ahermatype aileron aitiogenic akanth akaryote akinesis alabastrine alacardo alacercus alacoxasuture alacrious alacrista alaglossa alaria alarima alarm alary alassostasy alatate alate alavertex albinism albumen albumin aleatory aletocyte aleuritic algicolous algophagous alienicola alifer alima alimentary alinotum aliquant aliquot alitrunk alivincular alizarin alkaline alkanes allaesthetic allantoin allatectomy allatum Allee's allele allelochemic allelomimetic allelomorph allelopathy allelotropism allelotype allesthetic alligate alliogenesis allobiosis allochore allochroic allochronic allochthonous allocryptic allogamy allograft alloheteroploid alloiogenesis alloiometron allokinesis allomeristic allometry allomixis allomone allomorphic alloparalectotype allopatry allopelagic alloplasm allopolyploid alloscutum allosematic allosome allosynapsis allosyndesis allotetraploid allotherm allotopotype allotriomorphic allotriploid allotrophic allotropy allotype allozygote allux alpha alpha-chlorophyll alpha-female alpine altaceratubae alteration alternation altricial altruism alula alulet alutaceous alveator alveolar amacrine amastigophore amber ambifenestrate ambiguous ambilateral ambisexual ambital amblychromatic ambosexous ambrosia ambulacral ambulate ameba ameiosis amensalism ametabolic ametamorphic amethystine amicron amicroscopic amictic aminosugar amitosis amixia ammochaeta ammonite ammonotelic ammophilous amnion amniotic amoeba amoebocyte amorpha AMP ampherotoky amphiapomict amphiasters amphibiotic amphiblastula amphicoelous amphicyrtic amphidelphic amphidetic amphidial amphidiploid amphidiscs amphigean amphigenesis amphigony amphihaploid amphikaryon amphimixis amphimorula Amphineura amphineuran amphiodont amphion amphiploid amphipneustic amphipyrenin amphisternous amphistome amphitelic amphitoky amphitriaene amphitrocha amphocyte amphodynamous amphogenous amphophile amphoteric amphoterotoky amplected amplexiform ampliate amplification ampulla anaerobe anamorphosis anandric anaphase anaphylactic anaphylaxis anaplasis anapleurite anapolysis anapterygote anaptychus anarsenosomphic anarthrous anascan anastomosis anastral anastrophic anatomy anatoxin anatrepsis anatriaene anautogeny anaxial anaxone ancestral anchialine anchorate anchylosis ancipital ancistroid ancyloid andric andrium androconia androecium androgamete androgenesis androgyny android androsperm androsynhesmia androtype andry anecdysis anecic anellifer anellus anelytrous anemochorous anemoreceptor anemotaxis anenteric anepimeron anepisternum aner anestrus aneucentric aneuploid aneuronic aneurose anfractuose angiogenesis angiostomatous angle angstrom angulation anguli angustate angusticorn angustirostrate anholocyclic anhydrobiosis anhydrous Animalia anion anisochela anisocytic anisogametes anisogamy anisoglottid anisognathous anisomorpha anisomyarian anisotropic ankistroid ankylosis anlage annectent annelet Annelida annidation annotinate annular annulates annulet annulus anodontia Anodontoda anoestrus anomoclad anomphalous anoprocess anorganology anorthogenesis anosmatic anoxybiont ansa ansiform antafossa antagonism antealar anteapical anteclypeus antecostal antecoxal antecubital antecurrent antefrons antefurca antehumeral antelabrum antemarginal antennae antennaria antennifer antennomere antennua antennular antenodal anteocular antepectus antepenultimate antepleuron antepronotum antepudendum antepygidial anteriad anterior anterobiprostatic anterodorsal anterolateral anteromesal anteroposterior anteroventral antesternite anthelmintic anthobian anthoblast anthocaulus anthocodium anthocyanins anthocyathus anthogenesis anthophilous anthostele anthoxanthins Anthozoa anthracene anthracine anthraquinones anthropochorous anthropogenic anthropomorphic anthropophilous anthropozoic anthropozoonosis antiaposematic antibiosis anticlinal anticlypeus anticoagulant anticrista anticryptic anticus antidiuretic antidromic antigeny antilysin antimere antimetabolite antimitotic antimorph antineural antiperistalsis antipodal antipygidial antirostrum antispadix antisquama antistyle antitegula antithetic antitoxin antitype antizoea antlered antlia antrorse antrum anucleate anural anuria anus aortal apatetic apertum aperture apex aphagia apharyngeate Aphasmidia aphelenchoid aphideine aphidicolous aphidilutein aphidivorous aphins aphodus aphorism aphotic aphototropic aphrodisiac aphytal apiary apicad apicalia apices apicobasal apiculture apid apisthognathous apitoxin apivorous aplasia apneumone apneustic apobiotic apocentric apochete apocrite apodal apoderma apodome apoenzyme apogamy apolar apolegamic apolysis apomixis apomorphy apophysary apophysis apophystegal apopore apopyle aporrhysa aposematic aposeme apostatic aposymbiotic apotele apotome apotorma apotype apparatus apparition appendage appendicle appendifer appendix appendotomy appressed aprostatic aptera apterergate apterodicera apterogyne apterygogenea Apterygota aptychus apyrase apyrene aquamarine aquatic aqueous aquiferous arachnactis Arachnida arachnidism arachnism aragonite arakoderan araneiform araneology arboreal arborescent arborizations arbovirus archaeocytes archaestomatous archebiosis archecentric archedictyon archegenesis archencephalon archenteric archeocyte archetype Archiacanthocephala archibenthic archicephalon archicerebrum archidictyon archigastrula archigenesis archinephridium archiplasm Archiptera architomy architype archoophorans arciform arcticoid arctogaea arcuate arculus arenaceous arenicolous areocel areole argentaffin argentophilic argillaceous argyrophil arista aristopedia Aristotle's aristulate ark armature armillate arolium aromorphosis arrhenogeny arrhenoidy arrhenoplasm arrhenotoky arsenosomphic artatendon artefact artenkreis arterial arteriole artery arthral arthrium arthrobranchia arthroderm arthromere arthrophragm arthropleure Arthropoda arthrostracous articulamentum articularis Articulata ascaridine ascarylic Aschelminthes aschelminths ascopore ascus asemic aseptic asetal asexual asiphonate aspection asperate asperulous asphyxiation aspidium aspidosoma asplanchnic asporogenic associes assurgent astacene astaxanthin astegasimous astelocyttarous aster Asteroidea asthenia asthenobiosis astichous astigmatic astogeny astomate astragal astral astrocenter astrocyte astrorhizae astrosphere astrotaxis asymmetry asymptomatic asynaptic asynchronous atactotrichy atavism ataxia atelia athecal athericerous athermobiosis athrocyte atoke atoll ATP atracheate atractoid atrial atrichosy atriobursal atrium atrocha atrophy atrous attingent atyphlosolate atypical aulaeum aulostomatous aureole auricle aurophore austral Australian Austro-Columbian autecology autoagglutination autochthonous autocopulation autodeme autoevisceration autofecundity autogamy autogenesis autogony autohemorrhage autoheteroploid autoinfection autointoxication autokinesis autologous autolysis automatism automixis automorphic automutagen autonomic autoparasite autopelagic autophagocytosis autophagy autoploid autopolyploid autoskeleton autosome autospasy autosynapsis autotetraploid autothysis autotilly autotoky autotomy autotriploid autotrophic autotype autozooecium auxiliary auxoautotroph auxocyte auxoheterotroph auxotroph avesiculate avicularium axenic axial axis axoblast axocoel axone axoplasm azoic azurophil azygobranchiate azygous

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