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September 2005


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dacryoid dactyl dactylethra dactylognathite dactyloid dactylopodite dactylopore dactylozooid dactylus dance daphnid dart dart sac Darwinism dauer larvae dauermodification daughter daughter cells daughter cyst day-eye De Vriesianism dealate dealation death deaurate decacanth decalcification decamerous decapodid larvae decathecal decephalic deciduous deck declinate declivitous declivous deconjugation decorticate decumbent decurved decussated dedetermination dedifferentiation defaunate defecate deferent deficiency definition definitive host deflected deflected front deflexed defoliator deformed degenerate degenerate code degeneration dehiscence dehiscent deirids delamination delimitation, diagnosis, differential diagnosis delthyrial delthyrium deltidial deltidium deltoid demanian demarcation deme demersal demibranchs demiplate demiprovinculum Demospongiae denatant dendriform dendrite dendritic thickening dendrobranch dendrogram dendroid dendron dendrophagous dendrophilous denematize denizen dens densariae density-dependent factors density-independent factors dentacerores dental dentate dentatelirate dentate-serrate dentate-sinuate dentes denticle denticles denticulate dentigerous ridges dentition denuded depauperate deportation depressed depressor muscle crests depuration derived character derma dermal dermalia dermatoblasts dermatozoon dermis dermoptic dermosclerites dermoskeleton descending desclerotization description, diagnosis, differential diagnosis desegmentation deserticolous desiccate desiccation desma desmacyte desmen desmergate desmoneme desmosome Desmospongiae Desor's larva desquamation desynapsis desyndesis determinant determinate determination detorsion detoxication detoxification detriophagous detritivore detritivorous detritus detrorse deuterocere¬bral deuterocerebrum deuteroplasm deuterostome deuterotoky deutocerebral deutocerebral region deutocerebrum deutogyne deutomalae deutonymph deutoplasm deutoscolex deutosternum deutovum development developmental deviate devolution dexiotorma dexiotropic dextral gastropods dextron dextrorse diacresis diactinal diactine diaene diaeresis diagenodont diagnosis diagnostic diagonal diakinesis dialyneury dialysate dialyses dialysis dialyzate diamorph diapause diaphanous diaphragm diapolar diarhyses diarthrodial diarthrosis diarticular diastase diastatic diastole diastolic diastomatic diastomian diathesis diatom diaulic di-axial diaxon diblastula dibranchiate dicentric dicerous dicerus dichogamous dichogamy dichopatry dichoptic dichotomize dichotomous dichotomy dichotriaene dichroism dichromatic dichthadiform dichthadiigyne dicondylic dicostalia dicranoclone dictyonal dictyonalia dictyonine dictyosome dicyclic didactyl didactylism didactylous didelphic diductor didymous diecdysis diecious diel dietella differentia differential diffracted diffusate diffuse diffusion digametic digenesis digenetic digenoporous digestion digit digital digitate digitated digitation digitelli digitiform digitules digitus diglyphic dignathan digoneutic digoneutism digonic dikont dilacerate dilatated dilate dilator dilute dimeric dimerous dimidiate dimorph dimorphic dimorphism Dimyaria dimyarian dimyaric dinergate dinergatogyne dinergatogynomorph dinophthisergate dioecious dioecious dioptrate dioptric diorchic diphagous diphygenetic diphyletic dipleurula diplobiont diploblastic diplocotylea diplodal diploergate diplogangliate diploid diplokaryon diplonema diploneural diplont diplophase diplopod Diplopoda diplosegment diplosome diplosomite diplostenoecious diplostichous diplostomulum diplozoic dipneumonous diporpa dipterocecidium dipterous direct directive disaccharides disc disc discal elevation scutellar bristles disciform discinid discleritous discocellular discoctasters discodactylous discohexaster discoid discoidal discolor discolour discontinued discontinuous discooctasters discordent discorhabd discota discotriaene discrepant discrete discrimen discus disease disjugal disjunct disjunction disk dislocate disomic dispersal displacement disposed dissect disseminule dissepiment dissilient dissimilation dissoconch dissogeny dissogony distacalypteron distad distadentes distal distalia distich distichous distiproboscis dististipes dististylus distome distribution ditaxic Dithra ditrochous diuresis diurnal divaricate divaricator divergent diverse diverticulum divided dixenic dixenous DNA docoglossate dolabriform dolichasters doliioform dolioform doliolaria Dollo's rule dome dominant dormancy dormant dorsad dorsal dorsal arms of the dorsal margin/border dorsal tubercles dorsal tubular spinnerets dorsal tuft dorsal valve dorsalia dorsiferous dorsiventral dorso-alar region dorsocaudad dorsocentral dorsocentrals dorso-humeral region dorsomedian dorsomesal dorsomeson dorso-pleural line dorsopleural suture dorsoscutellar bristles dorsoscutellar bristles dorsotentoria dorsoventral dorsoventralis dorsum dorylaner dorylophile double doublure Doyere's cone drepanoid drill dromotropic drone D-shaped larval stage duct ductule ductus Dufour's gland dulosis duodecathecal duodenum dupion duplaglossa duplex duplicate duplicato-pectinate duplicature duplivincular duraphagous dyad Dyar's law dynamic dysodont dysphotic dyssaprobes dystrophic Dzierzon's rule

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