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September 2005


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face facet facette facetted facial facialium facies facio-orbital factor facultative faeces Fahrenholz's falcate falces falciform falciger falcis falculate falsadentes false falx famulus fan fang farctate farinaceous fascia fasciate fascicle fasciculus fasciole fascio-maculata fascio-punctate fastening fastigiate fastigium fat fate fauces fauna faunal faveolate feces fecula fecundate fecundity feedback feeder feeding feeler feet felt female femoro-alary femorogenu femorotibial femur fenestra fenestrate fenestration fenestrella fenestrule fente feral ferment fermentation ferreous ferruginous ferrule fertile fertility fertilization fertilizin festivus festoon festoons fetid fiber fibril fibrillar fibrin fibrinogen fibrocyte fibroin fibroplasm fibrous fibula fide filament filamentary filaria filariform filate filator file filial filiation filibranch filicornia filiform Filippi's fillets filose filter filum fimbria fimbriate fin finger firmatopore first fissate fissile fission fissiparous fissure fistula fix fixation fixative fixed fixed-wall fixing flabellate flabelliform flabellum flaccid flagellate flagellated flagelliform flagellomere flagellomere flagellum flame flammaules flange flank flaring flatworms flavescent flavid flavones flavous fleshy flex flexor flexuous flexure float floatoblast flocculent flocculus flora floricome floscelle flosculus fluted fluviatile fly-blow foci focus fold folded foliaceous foliate folioles folium follicle follicular folliculate fontanel fontanelle food foot foot-shaped foramen foramina forceps forcipate forcipiform fore forebrain foregut forehead foreleg forfex forficiform forficulate form formaldehyde formalin formation formative formic formicary fornent fornical fornicated fornices fornix fossa fosse fossette fossil fossoria fossorial fossula fossulate fossule fossulet founder fourth fovea foveola foveolate fractate fracture fragile fragmentation frame frass free free-living free-swimming free-walled free-wax frenate frenna frenulum frenum frilled fringe fringed frogga frondose frons front frontal frontal/pretentorial frontalia frontes frontoclypeal frontoclypeus frontogenal frontolateral fronto-orbital froth frugivorous fry fugacious fugaciously fugaciousness fulcral fulcrant fulcrate fulcro-cranial fulcrum fulcrums fulgid fulguration fuliginous fultella fultelliform fultura fultura fulturae fulvous function functional fundament fundatrigenia fundatrix fundatrix fundus fungicolous fungiform fungivorous fungus fungus-growing funicle funicular funiculate funiculus funnel furca furcae furcal furcapectinae furcasternal furcasternum furcate furcella furcilia furcina furcocercous furcocystocercous furcula furculate furrow fuscescent fuscous fused fused-wall fusiform fusion fusulae fusules fusus

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