Parasitology, Harold W. Manter Laboratory of


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September 2005


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Wagener's larva waggle dance walking leg pereopod wall warm-blooded homoiothermal warning coloration sematic aposematic pseudaposematic wart verruca tubercle water pore hydropore Waterston's organ water vascular system wax wax gland wax layer wax-plate wax scale web weighting Weismann's ring ring gland wheel organ white body Hensen's gland white cuticle yellow cuticle wholemount whorl width wild type wing ala winter egg summer egg With's organs workers worker jelly xanthic xanthophyll xanthopterin xanthopterine X-chromosomes xenagones xenic axenic polyxenic synxenic trix¬enic xenobiosis xenoecic xenogamy cross-fertilization xenogenesis heterogenesis xenomone allelochemic xenomorphism xenoparasite xerarch succession xeric xerophilous xerophobous xerosere lithosere hydrosere xerothermic fauna xiphidiocercaria microcotylate cer¬caria microcercous cercaria xiphiform x-organ organ of Bellonci frontal eye complex frontal organ xylanase xyloid xylophagous xylotomous xyphus Y-chromosomes yellow body yellow cells chlorogogen cells yellow cuticle white cuticle yolk yolk cells yolk duct vitelline duct yolk gland vitellarium yolk nucleus Y-organs Y-vein Z-band, disc, line Z-chromosome zeitgeber synchronizer Zenker's organs zeugobranchiate zigzag zoaea zoea zoanthella zoanthina Semper's larva zoanthina zoanthella zoarium zoea, zooea, zoaea mysis phyllosoma protozoea schizopod larva zoecium zooecium zonate zone zone of growth vitellarium zonite, zoonite zonociliate zooanthroponosis anthropozoonosis zoobiotic zoocenose zoochlorellae zoochromes zooea zoea zooecial compartment zooecial lining zooecial wall zooeciules zooecium zoogamy zoogenic zoogeography zooid zooidal zoology zoonite zonite zoonosis zoonotic zooparasite zoophagous zoophilous zoophyte zooplankton zoosemiotics zoosuccivorous zootomy zootoxin zooxanthellae zoochlorellae z-organ zwitter gynadromorph zygocardiac ossicles zygogamy isogamy zygogenetic, zygogenic parthenogenic zygolobous zygolophous zygomorphic zygonema zygoneure zygoneury dialyneury zygophase diplophase zygosis orthoneury zygote zygotene zygonema zygum zyga zymogen

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