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Published in the Journal of Parasitology (October 1999) 85(5): 935-946. Copyright 1999, the American Society of Parasitologists. Used by permission.


Molecular evidence is interpreted in the light of morphology to examine the validity of several species of Haematoloechus described as Mexican endemics. Internal transcribed spacers 1 and 2 and 28S ribosomal genes were sequenced for 11 isolates. Phylogenetic analysis of separate partitions and combined databases was conducted. Results were analyzed, in the light of morphological evidence. Haematoloechus macrorchis is proposed as a junior synonym of Haematoloechus longiplexus. Haematoloechus pulcher is a sibling species with Haematoloechus complexus in Lerma wetlands. In Mexico, Haematoloechus medioplexus is distributed along the east coast coinciding with the distribution of Rana berlandieri. The sister species of H. medioplexus is Haematoloechus coloradensis, sharing the distribution of the uterus as a synapomorphic character. Haematoloechus illimis is more closely related to H. medioplexus and H. coloradensis than to H. complexus. It can be distinguished by the distribution of the uterus, lobed ovary, and testes.

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