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Published in the Journal of Parasitology (December 1970) 56(6): 1,055-1,057. Copyright 1970, the American Society of Parasitologists. Used by permission.


Two new species of Digenea are described from the euryhaline fish, Leiostomus xanthurus, from near Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The first, Apocreadium manteri, is most like A. uroproctoferum Sogandares-Bernal, 1959, from which it differs by having multispined scales and larger eggs and not possessing a uroproct. The second, Lecithaster leiostomi, is most like L. gibbosus (Rudolphi, 1802) from which it differs primarily by having a more elongated seminal vesicle and stockier vitelline lobes. Lecithaster musteli Srivastava, 1966, is considered a synonym of L. confusus Odhner, 1905.

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