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Published in the Journal of Parasitology (October 2007) 93(5): 1,140-1,150.


Among genera of the ostertagiine nematodes, structural attributes of Spiculopteragia caballeroi are consistent with criteria that diagnose the genus Sarwaria. Specifically, the following characters are compatible with referral to this genus: (1) species characterized by monomorphic males; (2) tapering lateral synlophe in the cervical zone; (3) minuscule, thornlike cervical papillae; (4) length of Ray "4" < Ray "5"; (5) relatively thick or robust Ray "4;" (6) a substantially reduced dorsal lobe and dorsal ray that are disposed or curved ventrally relative to Rays "8"; and (7) a broad, laterally inflated dorsal lobe. Consequently, we propose Sarwaria caballeroi n. comb., and we provide further validation for the genus Sarwaria. Additionally, we propose that the ostertagiines are represented by 12 valid genera, including those characterized by a bursal formula of 2-2-1 (Cervicaprastrongylus, Hyostrongylus, Mazamastrongylus, Spiculopteragia, and Teladorsagia in addition to Sarwaria), and those in which the lateral rays describe a 2-1-2 pattern (Camelostrongylus, Longistrongylus, Marshallagia, Orloffia, Ostertagia, and Pseudomarshallagia).

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