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Published in the Journal of Parasitology (October 1949) 35(5): 541-542. Copyright 1949, American Society of Parasitologists. Used by permission.


Seven specimens of a nematode (five males and two females) of the genus Contracaecum were collected from the ventriculus of Pandion haliaetus carolinensis (Gmelin) (osprey) captured at Greenville, Ohio. After a comparison with C. travassosi described by Gutierrez (1943. Sobre la morfología de una nueva especie de "Contracaecum" (Nematoda: Ascaroidea) Rev. Brasil. Biol. 3: 159-172) from the cormorant (Phalacrocorax albiventer) collected at the San Jose light-house, Territory of Chubut, Argentina, our material has been assigned to that species. So far as the writers have been able to determine, this is the first record of the species from North America and since description of the species is available in North American literature a brief description is presented.

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