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Published in the Journal of Parasitology (February 1949) 35(1): 76-78.


The scolex has never been described for cestodes of the genus Dendrouterina Fuhrmann, 1912. The two species belonging to this genus, D. herodiae Fuhrmann, 1912, and D. botauri Rausch, 1948, were described from incomplete material. Because of the lack of a scolex, this genus was only tentatively placed by Fuhrmann (1912) in the family Dilepididae.
Persistent collecting during the spring migration of 1948 made possible the examination of a number of bitterns, Botaurus l. lentiginosus (Montagu). A single bird, collected on May 5, 1948, at Madison, Wisconsin, was found to be infected with two specimens of Dendrouterina botauri. Observations on these entire worms have allowed for the completion of the generic diagnosis as well as for a completion of the specific diagnosis of D. botauri.

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