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Published in American Midland Naturalist (March 1948) v. 39, no. 2. Copyright 1948, the University of Notre Dame. Used by permission.


A single cestode belonging to the genus Dendrouterina Fuhrmann, 1912, was taken from the small intestine of a least bittern, Ixobrychus e. exilis (Gmelin), collected by the writer on May 31, 1945, at Buckeye Lake, Ohio. Considerable difficulty was experienced in obtaining adequate material of this cestocde, although bitterns were collected in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Manitoba. A second infected bird, an American bittern, Botaurus l. lentiginosus (Monatgu), was collected on April 24, 1947, at Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin. Three specimens of Dendrouterina were obtained from this bird.
Unfortunately, since refrigeration was not available in the field, the scolices of all four specimens had degenerated by the time the autopsies were made. However, since this species is so obviously different from those previously described, the description is presented with this inadequacy.
Whole-mounts, stained with Semichon's acetic carmine, were made, and all observations were substantiated by observations on frontal and transverse serial sections, cut at 15 μm, and stained with haematoxylineosin.

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