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Paperna & Overstreet in Aquaculture of Grey Mullets (ed. by O.H. Oren). Chapter 13: Parasites and Diseases of Mullets (Muligidae). International Biological Programme 26. Copyright 1981, Cambridge University Press. Used by permission.


The following treatment of parasites, diseases and conditions affecting mullet hopefully serves several functions. It acquaints someone involved in rearing mullets with problems he can face and topics he should investigate. We cannot go into extensive illustrative detail on every species or group, but do provide a listing of most parasites reported or known from mullet and some pertinent general information on them. Because of these enumerations, the paper should also act as a review for anyone interested in mullet parasites or the use of such parasites as indicators about a mullet's diet and migratory behavior. Unfortunately, limited space prohibits us from presenting all the references used. The paper also deals with the public health aspects of eating or selling mullet, whether the product is to be raw, cooked, salted or smoked.

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